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Check In-Out

with our Self Service Kiosks

Shrink lines. Expand smiles.

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Skip The Line

Guests can skip the line at the front desk and check-in/out with ease.

Room Ready Notification

Guests receive an email or text message as soon as their room becomes available.

Scan Barcode

Guests can scan a barcode provided by web check-in and complete an express transaction.

View or Print Folio Receipt

Guests can view their folio/receipt and opt to print it before departing.


Guests can sign for their credit card, terms, and folio on the kiosk.

And much more...

Room keys, additional keys, parking integration, amenity selection, luggage integration, room upgrades/upsells, front desk messages for guests, wakeup calls, POS integration for room keys, check-in/out shares, early departures, and plenty more.

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